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Are credit scores important? Can I buy a car if my score is low?

Saturday, January 12th, 2019

Credit scores are a reflection of your loan payment history. If you sign your name on a loan contract, you are promising to pay the money back. On time. If you are late on payments or just decide not to pay the loan back, it will be reported to the credit bureaus. That report is a reflection of your ability to keep promises.  Keeping a sterling payment history should be a high priority for anyone who lives on planet earth. We understand that there are life events that necessitate payment accommodations, however they should be rare. Please remember that you promised to pay back the money that was lent to you at the time of sale.

If you have had some credit issues, we can help you restart. We have lenders that will take a chance on a borrower with a checkered credit history.  These lenders charge a higher interest rate, because they are taking a greater risk then a borrower with good credit. Cornerstone auto sales is in business to help all drivers regardless of credit history. Just know that a higher interest rate will have to be charged for higher risk loans. We report to the credit bureaus. That is an advantage for anyone reestablishing a good credit reputation. Please find a vehicle on our website: Then fill out the credit application. We will take it from there and you will be driving that same day.

Why should I trade in my old vehicle?

Thursday, January 10th, 2019

There are several great reasons to trade in your old vehicle at the time of purchase of a new car. One very good reason is that it reduces the price that is taxed on the new vehicle you purchase. That could save a LOT of money. Another reason is that it takes the hassle of selling the old car off your shoulders. It is one less burden that you need to deal with. You will not have to advertise it on craigslist, facebook marketplace, or yahoo autos. Then, you will not have strangers showing up at your home or office. Often the purchaser will want to haggle and go back and forth on the price with you. If you don’t negotiate a lot in your daily life, haggling can be a bit of a burden. There are a lot of people who get vehicles stolen by trying to sell them on their own.

Another problem trying to sell your old car is that many people make appointments to see the vehicle and don’t show up. That is a huge waste of your time and money.

Cornerstone auto sales in Tucson Az will take the pain of disposing your old car and get you driving a newer vehicle.

Why do we ask you for Down Payment?

Friday, January 4th, 2019

The down payment is the amount of cash or trade-in equity you give at the time of purchase. The larger the down payment you make, the lower the amount financed is. When you lower the amount you finance on a vehicle it translates to lower monthly payments. Lower payments make it much easier for a bank to offer financing. It also allows the bank to offer lower interest rates, because they are taking less risk on the loan. Everyone wins with large down payments. You and your pocketbook win because you are paying less finance charges, lower interest rates, and shorter term loan. The bank wins because they are taking less risk lending you the money to purchase the vehicle.

Another benefit of putting a down payment is that it keeps you from becoming “upside down” on your loan. Or in other words, not ending up owing more  to the bank than the value of the vehicle.

Cornerstone Auto Sales will work with you on your down payment, however we encourage the largest down payment you can comfortably afford for your benefit.

Feel free to fill out a credit application on our website,  and we will take care of the rest.


I’m tired of taking the bus. How can I get reliable transportation?

Thursday, January 3rd, 2019

It’s official: Commuting to work makes you miserable.

This headline came from the Daily Cornerstone auto sales understands that taking the bus to work and the grocery store isn’t ideal. We can help anyone who doesn’t have a vehicle. It doesn’t matter what your credit history is, because we are willing to work with all types of situations. If you have a regular income and a way to prove it, you can be in a vehicle and off the city bus immediately.

I suggest that anyone who thinks they can’t qualify for a car loan tries Cornerstone Auto Sales first. We have a lot of customers that have improved their lives with a purchase of a new car.

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New Years Resolutions

Wednesday, January 2nd, 2019

Loose some pounds? Exercise some more? Get more sleep?

Those are nice goals for the new year, however, why don’t you try some of these goals on for the new year?

  1. Fix that check engine light! That’s right. Just bite the bullet and get it fixed. You know it has been annoying you for a long time. It’s probably an easy fix anyway. Most likely you’ll need to replace an O2 sensor, or replace your fuel cap, or maybe even replace your spark plugs.  But, getting that annoying light out will make you feel better, and your vehicle will last longer.
  2. Wash and Vacuum! You are going to feel alot better about your commute when you get those old french fries off the underside of the seat.  How about wiping the dusty dash, and cleaning that old coffee stain? By doing a quick wash and vacuum you are going to fall in love with your car all over again.
  3. Spring for new tires. It makes your car run down the road better, makes it safer on the days you have to drive in the rain, and you have peace of mind letting your kids drive the car knowing you are not going to get a phone call about a flat tire.
  4. Trade it in at Cornerstone auto sales! We will give you full value for the old car, and you can drive away with something you like much better.  I suggest looking at our inventory listed on our website,